A Title is granted with some awards that may be given by SCA Royalty. Some awards carry specific titles, which are forms of address, and some do not. Awards that carry or grant titles are those such as Awards of Arms, Grants of Arms, Peerages, Royal Peerages. There are a variety of Title Language Equivalents that can be used for those who wish to use a specific language for their persona. Officers and Royalty also have specific titles that are used (King, Queen, Marshal, Herald, etc.), and some offices have specific titles for specific officers within their office (the heralds have quite a few, based on period Colleges of Arms, and these vary from Kingdom to Kingdom.


This term has several meanings. Simply put, a token is a physical symbol of some sort of association with a person, group of persons, or a household. In some cases, an award may have a token (usually worn on a chain or ribbon). Some local SCA branches or households also have tokens that are sometimes worn. Some SCA events may have tokens that are worn to show that you have paid your site fee, and may be kept after the event is over. Tokens can take a variety of shapes, and have a variety of meanings 


An event wherein a tournament takes place, often a list. Some are very specifically defined events, such as a Crown or Coronet Tournament, where the next set of rulers for the Kingdom or Principality are determined. Others may be for prizes, other titles for local branches, or just for the fun of it.

Tournaments Illuminated

The quarterly magazine published by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Comes with sustaining membership in the SCA


Originally a verb meaning "to take part in a tournament," the word is now often used to mean the event itself.


A Kingdom in the SCA. This Kingdom covers these regions (of the US): Majority of Florida; outside of the US: Panama, and Antarctica.

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