Society for Creative Anachronism

SCA Name

The name someone uses in the Society for their persona. Includes at least one given name, and can have at least one other name or qualifier, but no titles; all titles used in the Society must be granted by SCA royalty.


A person with artistic talent in the area of calligraphy and/or illumination, who gives of their time and talent to create award scrolls for recipients of armigerous awards.


Group administrator, and legal representative of the SCA found at local, regional, kingdom, and Society levels.


A small, usually autonomous local branch.


This is the title granted a Knight. The common use is "Sir (Name)". There are a variety of Title Language Equivalents that can be used for those who wish to use a specific language for their persona.


The place an event is being held.

Site Fee

The cost of admission to an event, usually stated in the coin of the modern country where the event is being held. Note that site fee may vary based on membership.

Society for Creative Anachronism

The name of an organization whose primary focus is the study and re-creation of the Western European Medieval Culture. 

Historical Note: The name was coined by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Elfrida of Greenwalls) and Diana Paxson (Diana Listmaker) for the SCA's second event, off the top of their heads -- no real thought went into the name. The name should not be used as an excuse to concentrate on areas not defined by the SCA (i.e., "The middle name of the group is 'Creative' after all ..."). For more information on the SCA beyond what is contained in this glossary, see the SCA, Inc.'s website:


A fighter who has been accepted as a student by a member of the Chivalry. Squires may wear red belts in token of the association -- this does not reserve red belts as regalia that only squires may wear, nor is it required that squires wear red belts.

Sumptuary Laws

Sumptuary Laws are laws that describe and sometimes proscribe regalia -- i.e., who can wear or display any specific type of regalia, what rank they must be to do so.

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