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A "Page" in the SCA is usually a younger member of the organization (a child, pre-teen in some definitions ... this is likely to vary from Kingdom to Kingdom). A "Page School" is usually an organized attempt to teach these younger members of the organization some of what the SCA is about. Most Kingdoms have a "Children's Officer" of some sort.


A term used to refer to a medieval-style tent.


A Knight, Master of Arms, Laurel, Pelican, member of the Order of the Rose, or a Royal Peer (Duke, Duchess, Count, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess). They hold their title(s) by Letters Patent, or a Patent of Arms. The term "The Peerage" refers to the collective "peers" (i.e., The Peerage, or The members of the Peerage).


A practice dummy or stake most often used by heavy fighters, not to be confused with the shorthand 'Pel' for Pelican. Sometimes used in derogatory reference to a particularly unskilled fighter.


The SCA period ranges from the fall of the Roman Empire (about 450 A.D.) to the beginning of the Reformation, generally identified by the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1607. The word “period” is used in the SCA as shorthand for “historically accurate”.


The character assumed by an SCA member. This may involve anything from adopting a name to developing a full history for a person born and raised at some specific place and time in the period covered by the SCA.


A word describing the inhabitants of a kingdom, place or group present at an event.

Popular Chivalry

Newsletter for the Kingdom of Meridies, containing flyers for upcoming events. Comes with sustaining membership in the SCA.


A party after the main event, usually in someone's home, for socializing and unwinding. Guests often wear modern clothes. Post-revels are activities that are not officially sponsored by the SCA.


The ceremonial heads of a Principality. When a Prince and Princess have completed their first reigns, they are automatically entitled to the title of Viscount or Viscountess.


An SCA branch that has a ceremonial head of a Prince and Princess. The first Principality of the SCA was Atenveldt in their fast rise to become a Kingdom. 

Principality of Nordmark

A Principality of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. The region covered by this Principality is the mundane Kingdom of Sweden.

Principality of The Mists

A Principality of the Kingdom of the West. The region covered by this Principality is the greater San Francisco (California) Bay Area. It is in what is often called the "central" part of the Kingdom of the West, and is so named for the well-known fog that comes off of the San Francisco Bay.


Chemical toilet used at camping events.

Proof of Membership

Your membership card or a recent Kingdom newsletter label with your name and address.


A person accepted as a student by a Master or Mistress of the Pelican.


A branch with the same requirements as a Barony, but not having the ceremonial leader of a Baron and/or a Baroness.


A student. This title is used as an heraldic title, as is a "Pursuivant-Extraordinary", to show the skill level of a herald ... a full "Pursuivant" is the highest rank a person may retain "permanently" in the College of Heralds.

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