Used as the title of address for Kings and Queens. Crowns will sometimes augment this title in a manner appropriate to Themselves or Their Lands (ie., Their Occidental Majesties, His Dread Majesty, etc.).


A specially trained person who oversees combat activities. The Kingdom office is usually called "Earl Marshal".

Master of Arms

A Master of Arms is a member of the Order of Chivalry along with those who are Knights. The only difference between a Master of Arms and a Knight is that a Knight is required to swear fealty when they are made a Knight, and a Master of Arms is not. A Master of Arms does not wear a chain to signify an oath of fealty, and rather than wearing a white belt, they wear a white baldric to signify their prowess. Note that members of the Order of Chivalry are equivalent in rank to the members of the Orders of the Laurel, the Pelican and the Order of the Rose.


The titles of "Master" or "Mistress" are reserved to those members of the peerage who wish to use them. 

Merchant's Row

The area of an event where folks who are selling merchandise set up. The perfect place for all your medieval shopping! Not all events have a "Merchant's Row", but many of the larger events do.


A Kingdom in the SCA. This Kingdom covers these regions (of the US): Georgia (nearly all of), Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas (most of), Tennessee, a bit of the panhandle of Florida, and small portions of both Kentucky and Virginia. According to a gentle in Meridies, the history of the name is: The word meridies was taken from the definition of the word Meridian - Defined adj. [OFr meridien L meridianus] of noon, southern meridies, noon, the south. Meridies is the Kingdom comprised of mostly states in the Southern United States.


A Kingdom in the SCA. This Kingdom covers these regions (of the US): Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, a nip of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota. Canada: Manitoba, and a bit of Ontario. The Middle Kingdom is the third Kingdom founded in the SCA.  The Middle is sometimes called The Midrealm. 

Historical Note: The first Crown Tournament of the Midrealm was held July 4-6, 1969 (AS IV). The Annotated History describes this event: "Held at Wilmot Mountain, Wisconsin. King Bruce of Cloves sent Adrienne of Toledo as his representative, who presided as Queen over the lists. Present were Michael Bradley of Bradley, Franz von Blikenlichten, Cariadoc of the Bow, Diana Alene, and others. Cariadoc of the Bow won, using a two-handed sword. (The Middle was at this time part of the East and known as the Principality Under the Mountain.)"

Minister of Lists

The Minister of the Lists is an SCA officer whose job is to administer the lists/make sure that the tournament is handled in a proper fashion as far as pairing fighters and such.


Minister of Sciences

The Minister of Sciences is an SCA officer whose job is to foster the Sciences in whatever means that they can. This is often through competitions and displays. The Minister of Sciences usually works closely with the Minister of the Arts, and in some Kingdoms these two offices are combined.

Minister of the Arts

The Minister of the Arts is an officer of the SCA whose job is to foster the arts in whatever means he or she can. This is often done through competitions and arts displays. The Minister of the Arts often works closely with the Minister of Sciences, and in some Kingdoms these two offices are combined into one. The person holding the office may prefer to be called "Master/Mistress of Arts" as their job title.


Similar to Bard, if not the same. Someone who performs music, at bardic circles or elsewhere.


Modern, not-in-the-SCA. Not meant to be insulting.

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