Medieval clothing worn to SCA events, as opposed to “costumes” which are worn to Halloween parties or masked balls.


Sometimes called the "Troll Booth", or other derogatory terms, this is the place at most SCA events (particularly camping events) where you sign waivers and pay site fees. 


A general reference to the lords and ladies assembled.

Gleann Abhann

Started out as a Principality of the Kingdom of Meridies. The region covered by this Kingdom is most of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and extreme western Tennessee. 

Gold Key

A collection of loaner garb and gear for the use of newcomers, generally maintained by the Chatelaine. There is, in some kingdoms, an officer designed as "Gold Key" as well. The badge for the Gold Key office is a gold or yellow key on a green background.


Used as the title of address for Dukes and Duchesses.

Grant of Arms

This award is a higher level recognition than an "Award of Arms" (see above) -- in Precedence it falls between an Award of Arms and a Peerage. It was first created to recognize Kingdom Officers for the work that they had done for the Kingdom. It is given at the King and Queen's whim now, but is still often given to Kingdom Officers for a job well-done. 

Historical Note: The first Grants of Arms were given at Twelfth Night, AS III (January 4, 1969) by [King] Caradoc ap Cador. This award does not officially carry any special title other than "Lord" or "Lady" as the Award of Arms does. Some Kingdoms use "The Honorable Lord/Lady", a term that is starting to come into use in the West Kingdom (slowly).


An organization chartered in one or more kingdoms to promote the study and practice of some particular Art or Science.

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