A Kingdom in the SCA. This Kingdom covers these regions: Ontario, Canada.


A Kingdom in the SCA. This Kingdom covers these regions (of the US): eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, eastern New York, The New England states. In Canada: Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.


This word in the SCA generally refers to an official SCA activity held on a weekend where there is a site fee and guests are expected to wear garb. Events usually include a tournament, classes, a feast, a dance after feast, and a bardic circle. Events usually have a special medieval theme. Events can be held indoors at a variety of sites or at campgrounds. Events are "official" events (ones that, for example, the Royalty may grant awards at) if they are published in the Kingdom Newsletter.


Used as the title of address for Counts and Countesses, Viscounts and Viscountesses, and Landed and Court Barons and Baronesses. It is also a safe fallback address if one cannot remember the correct one for any high ranking personage up to and including the Crown. They are all Excellencies.


The Exchequer, or sometimes "Chancellor of the Exchequer" is the officer who is in charge of tracking money spent by local groups, and at the Kingdom level tracking it there. This entails a lot of paperwork.

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