Are you a history buff, Role Player, or fan of Mythology and Historical Fiction? Have you ever dreamed of fighting in armor, wielding a rapier, throwing a spear or shooting with a bow and arrow? Do you enjoy camping or working with your hands? Do you long for the days when chivalry was not dead? Well, you have found all of those and much more. 

Welcome to the Shire of An Dun Theine, located in the Kingdom of Meridies, a local chapter of the Society of Creative Anachronism  an international historical recreation and educational not for profit organization with tens of thousands of members around the world dedicated to researching and selectively re-creating the best parts of pre-1600 history.

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We work to encourage scholarly pursuits that help research and recreate the arts, sciences and culture from our past. We are always happy to welcome new people, so please feel free to stop by any of our activities to check things out. Most are free and all are open to the public. You can even bring friends, family, and loved ones because there is usually something for everyone.

We hope that you find your visit to this website to be informative and useful. To learn more about the Shire, the SCA, our activities and the people that make up An Dun Theine, please feel free to read through our pages.

Participants 17 and Younger: We welcome youth participants at our activities and many of our events feature classes, games, and other fun opportunities for children and young adults.  While you do not need a parent or guardian to attend meetings and practices (though one must be present to participate in combat activities), you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend an SCA event.  If your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) is unable to attend, they may designate an adult to be responsible for you during the event and must fill out and have the responsible adult bring the “Adult in Charge of a Minor” and “Notarized Medical Authorization” waiver forms found in the links here.

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If you are relocating,currently, or formerly a member of the SCA, please contact us and let us help you continue "The Dream".

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